WBCS Mock Test 2023 Prelim Exam Preparation P1

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WBCS Mock Test 2023 Prelim Exam Preparation Part 1
WBCS Prelims Exam Preparation Online

1. The word ‘claustrophobia’ means?

2. The past tense of rewind is?

3. The synonym of supercilious is?

4. Select the correct spelling?

5. Choose the right word for love of oneself?

6. To feel under the weather means

7. He Presided _____ the meeting (suitable preposition)

8. The idiomatic expression ‘make both ends meet’ means

9. She _____ from the bus and walked to the back-gate

10. The expression ‘holier than thou’ means

11. While I _____ in the library, someone threw a ball through the window

12. The serenity of the place overwhelmed me. (Replace the underlined word with a suitable word)

13. A place where bees are kept

14. He is taller than you _____ two inches. (suitable preposition)?

15. Which is the correct sentence??

16. Convert the given sentence into an interrogative sentence: I will meet you tomorrow

17. The word ‘officious’ means?

18. Add a suitable prefix to form the opposite of the word ‘capable’.?

19. The ship, with its crew, _____ lost.?

20. The antonym of the word superficial is

21. The word vicissitude means

22. He was offended _____ me unjustly.

23. The antonym of the word weird is

24. La Gioconda’ (Mona Lisa) is _____ unique work of art.

25. The idiomatic expression, once in a blue moon, means

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