Ancient India History GK Quiz 2023: MCQ Part-1

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Ancient India History GK Quiz 2023: MCQ Part-1
Ancient India History GK Quiz 2023: MCQ Part-1

Ancient India History GK Quiz 2023: MCQ Part-1

The aspirants preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, State PSC, SSC, etc. should have a stronghold on Indian History subject. In Indian history subject, the section which is considered to be most difficult is Ancient Indian History. The best way to prepare for this section is to go through as many Indian Ancient History questions and answers (MCQs) as possible. To help aspirants in their exam preparation, we are providing the best Indian Ancient History GK (General Knowledge) questions along with the answers. (GK Quiz for All the Competitive Exams, General Knowledge Quiz.)

We are constantly publishing Part of these posts by adding more General Knowledge Questions & Answers of Indian History. So, we request you to visit this G.K. page and practice regularly.

Ancient India History GK Quiz 2023 Objective Question:


1. In the history of Indian civilization, what time is it called the new stone age?

2. What is the fury of the blade that the Mesopotamians wrote?

3. What is Celt in the Neolithic era?

4. From which archeology is the oldest symbol of farming in the Bhati subcontinent?

5. Which is the largest center of the middle stone age in Rajasthan?

6. Recent archaeological studies show that in 125 BC, at any of the following places the agrarian civilization developed where the paddy was the main crop?

7. Which is the oldest capital city of the world among the following?

8. Where is the archaeological site called Angkhra?

9. Which of the following options is correct according to the prehistorical society of human activity and civilization?

10. In which state is the prehistoric area or place of Daimabad located?


Please feel free to use the comment section below if you too have to some good Indian history questions or any suggestions for us.

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